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The benefits of Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

We all want our athletes and workers to be as strong and as safe as possible.

Together, FMS Pro and CoachMePlus provide in-app screening and scoring with recommended customized exercises based on test results. Users collect, calculate and document movement data all in one central location.


How do they compare?


FMS Pro*

  • Single User Screening by Coach

  • Exercise recommendations are given to the coach to share with the client.

  • Client programs with corrective exercises are designed by the coach and given to the client.


  • Group Screening by Coach

  • Corrective exercise recommendations are delivered directly to the athlete in-app.

  • Programs and retesting are dictated by coach and assign in app to the athletes.

*Coach must be FMS Certified to use.

Not Certified? No Problem

FMS Certification Course Options
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